Paxil- Antidepressants that May Prevent Heart Failure

Paroxetine is a generic name for Paxil. It is a prescribed medication that treats depression and other problems like obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and post traumatic syndrome and social anxiety. Furthermore, this drug is also used for premenstrual dysphoric disorder that includes physical and psychological problems before the onset of menstrual period of a woman. It can also be used in headaches, and tingling sensation of the feet and hands that are caused by the disease called diabetes.


Paroxetine (Paxil) is considered as one of the most effective drug ans a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. This drug works by preventing some receptors in the the the human brain from reabsorbing serotonin. Serotonin function is to help individuals to be mentally stable. Paxil helps to maintain the mental equilibrium of every individual and alleviate some negative feelings. In addition to this, it can help the person with heart failure to increased the myocardial contractility.


On the other hand, some researches done by John Tesmer, a professor in U-M Life Sciences Institute found out that Paxil inhibits the action of the G protein receptor kinase, it is over expressed when people have heart failure. Furthermore, they published a research paper with Paroxetine as a direct inhibitor of the G protein receptor kinase that increase the ability of the myocardium to contract. Paroxetine found out to be effective in their study with the animal model. Researches of this study really believes that they can continue this until they attain therapeutic levels.


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Paxil: Effects on 100 Orgasms

Orgasm is defined as having achieved the sexual arousal. This kind of condition is vague when it comes to women but in the cases of Kim Ramsey, 44, Heather Dearmon, 33 and Rachel has experienced orgasms over a hundred times. The syndrome they have is called persistent genital arousal(PGAD), it is a rare case that has only 30 known cases around the world.


This kind of syndrome happens when simply doing some household chores like washing clothes or performing some activities like bathing and cleaning Women who are suffering from this condition are usually having excruciating pain on their genitals accompanied by physical exhaustion because of the frequency of orgasms that approximately a hundred times in a day. Some women who experienced this can contemplate suicide because of its effect on the body. In addition, they are having genital arousal without the desire of sexual intercourse. This can be a very stressful situation that needs to be addressed for early treatment and prevention of complications.


One of the women who experienced this frequently arousal used Paxil, an anti anxiety drug with an effect on serotonin levels of the brain. It works by maintaining the high level of it; thus,  orgasm may take longer or delay but on the other hand, it is not effective for a long term duration and check ups are the best resort to solve this kind of problem. People having this kind of condition are subject to undergo a series of treatment like shock and physical therapy.



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